Story Calendar Series

The Franklin Story-Calendars were first published by the Franklin Printing Company in Philadelphia in 1910. There were eight published that year.

As can be seen four were done by Whipple. The Lincoln Story-Calendars were similar to the 1909 edition which was published by The Biddle Press. They cost $1.00. The 1909, 1910 and 1911  Lincoln Calendars had weekly pages. The Washington Story-Calendar also has weekly pages.

1910 Calendar advertisements

The Washington Story-Calendar By Wayne Whipple $1.00

The Lincoln Story-Calendar By Wayne Whipple $1.00 The sheets are 7.25 x 10.

The Dickens Story-Calendar Compiled by J. L. Engle $1.00

The Franklin Story Calendar By Wayne Whipple 75 cents

The Garden Story-Calendar By Ellen P. Williams $1.00

The Children’s Story-Calendar Drawings by Jane Allen Boyer 50 cents

The Bibliomaniac’s Calendar Drawings by Julia P. Greene 50 cents

The American Flag Calendar by Wayne Whipple 60 cents

Here is the cardboard backing which the calendar is attached to.

Here are some sample pages of the calendar.

The Lincoln-Story Calendar was also published in 1911. It is also a weekly calendar. I have not seen any other Whipple calendars post-1910.